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Hy-Q Internet Services has been set up to host web sites on our dedicated high speed web servers
located on the U.S. west coast giving the fastest, most reliable access worldwide.

Our Reliability and Infrastructure

If it weren't important, you wouldn't have put it on your web site. And it doesn't matter how important your web site is, if nobody can connect to it, it's useless. That's why using Hy-Q is such a smart choice. We make sure your Web site is up and running, all day, every day. But it's not just reliable, it's blazing fast. We use the fastest, most reliable servers available anywhere. How do we do it? Check out some of our strategies:

Our Web Servers
Our servers are running the latest UNIX Operating System based on FreeBSD version 4.4, and your web site is powered by Apache Web Server.
Redundant Internet Connections

Our servers are connected to the Internet via fully redundant, multiple T3 connections. We're hooked up to a T3 through UUNET and another T3 through Sprint, as well as an OC-3 Fibre Optic link to Level (3) Communications. Some ISP's claim that they're connected to the Internet through multiple T3s as well, but look closely. Chances are, their so-called multiple T3s are sold to them by the same provider, so if one of their routers goes down, their entire connection goes down. But not with Hy-Q! We have three full Transit backbone connections so that, if one goes down, the others can reroute the traffic in seconds while we restore the downed connection. All without the slightest interruption in performance.

Redundant Routers
Our traffic is routed from our servers to redundant T3 connections through, you guessed it, redundant routers. We use two Cisco Series 7513 routers (people who know routers are drooling right about now), with a host of other Cisco routers, hubs, and switches taking traffic from our servers to the Internet. In plain English, that means your data is in good hands. Because if a router goes down or if a hub goes down your web site will stay online.
Backup System
Our backup system has the capability of holding online storage which will keep about a week's worth of changed data for all of our customers. Nightly backups are done for all servers.
These backups are provided as an added service to our users. However, please be prudent in making local backups of the contents of your Web as Hy-Q will not guarantee this service. While this is a very nice feature, you never want to put the ultimate destiny of your web site in anyone else's hands (even ours). Doing so will ensure that you, or the people maintaining your site, are in control of your destiny by making sure that you have the capability to restore any files on your own, without depending on anyone else. The Boy Scout's motto applies to web site management as well - 'Be Prepared!'
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: When you buy web hosting from Hy-Q, we're going to do everything in our power to make sure it stays online. And that's more than a promise - it's a commitment backed up by our philosophy, our plans, but most importantly, our actions. We simply refuse to slow down.

* As our network is being constantly upgraded the above details are subject to change without notice

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