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Order your web server now and launch onto the Internet

Your web site and email address are assets, adding value to your organisation. Like any asset you need to know they are in good hands. You may need to change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from time to time due to cost, location or a host of other reasons. With Hy-Q you can do that knowing your web site and email are still there giving you the service you expect..

What we can offer you...

Domain Registration & Delegation
Web Site Hosting
POP3 Email Accounts
Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
Detailed Log Analysis Reports
Web Site Design*

Who uses our services?

From Melbourne to Moscow, from Broome to Baton Rouge, we welcome our customers of all sizes from around Australia and around the globe.

We are hosting sites for businesses small and large, sporting clubs,  community organisations and individuals.

* Hy-Q Web Services specialises in dedicated, high quality and economical web hosting service,
however if web design is required, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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